Our business The story of Le Pain d'Antan is one of passion for the Master Artisanal Baker’s craft.
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Le Pain d’Antan: the rise of a bakery...

At the start of the 21st century – more than 20 years ago now – the world entered a new era. And yet, more than ever, there was a hunger to preserve know-how and quality craftsmanship, and so it was that Le Pain d´Antan was born. At the oven – and often in the mill – from day one was Hafedh Ben Naceur.

Passionate about his craft, the Master Baker, who was still only a young man, didn’t loaf around: in fact, he was soon proving his ability at the new business. This was achieved without compromising on quality: rigorously selected, perfectly fresh natural ingredients arrive at the back of the shop to be combined with superior-quality flours and organic yeast. Nothing here is left to chance. Because in baking, tradition and innovation can only coexist through the single-mindedness and expertise of one man and his team’s ability to meet his exacting standards. This is another source of strength for Le Pain d’Antan. From the humble croissant to the most sophisticated of tarts, via brioches, sweet treats and other delicacies, everything is home-made with undiminished passion down to the very last crumb – and that goes for everyone who works here.

The suppliers who work with the bakery are well aware of this: we know how to separate the wheat from the chaff here. There’s no point trying to sugar-coat things with the boss – he simply won’t rise to the bait.

What will rise, however is our dough, because we understand the importance of giving it time. Kneading, resting, fermentation, cooking: all of these precise, almost ritualistic actions are lovingly performed every day to offer you the best that can be extracted from every grain to make good bread.

Old-fashioned bread: *du pain d’antan*.

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